About Us

Golden Shield Private Security has a solid reputation for hiring and training excellent security officers, for our security analysis, and for providing effective security solutions that are uniquely tailored to the sites that we secure. Our clients also tell us that they appreciate that we use the latest technology to track the activity of our officers to help protect the lives and property that we watch over. Additionally, our clients tend to like how we communicate and consult with them before implementing the security plans that we develop for their sites. At Golden Shield, we always work together as a team to meet our clients’ security needs and we hope to do so for you too.

Golden Shield was founded in 2013, and has grown rapidly since then. Our growth has mostly come through referrals, and we are very grateful for every referral that we get. Our business, thus far, has mostly been concentrated in the coastal counties of Southern California (from San Diego to Santa Barbara). However, we are able to provide our security services in many other parts of the United States, and we are currently examining our growth strategy and the possibility of expanding.